Towards a New Era Christian Education

Why give to New Era Christian School?

When you give to New Era Christian School, you partner with us in pursuit of the mission – growing students in faith, academics, and personal maturity.  It means that you support a program – the activities and curriculum – that is geared towards this “bullseye” profile of a student which is laid out below.  How that manifests itself in every child will be as unique as the child themself.

  • Bears the image of God in their daily lives.
  • Sees God’s fingerprints all over creation.
  • Responds to God’s call to be stewards of all of creation.
  • Celebrates God’s beautiful creation and gives testimony to the presence of God in creation.
  • Creates beauty that praises God and enriches our world.
  • Learns to “read” a worldview by asking questions about what is being portrayed in regards to culture, values, and belief systems.
  • Acts as an agent of restoration.
  • Work actively to heal brokenness and bring joy to individuals and to culture.
  • Active pursuers and builders of community in their classrooms and beyond.
  • Is able to engage in a healthy debate
  • Demonstrates basic leadership skills
  • Communicates confidently
  • Achieves personal academic ceiling in literacy, understanding of math concepts, and writing
  • Is a self-driven, self-directed; curious learner – about oneself and the world
  • Tries new things
  • Sees failure as an opportunity to improve
  • Takes responsibility for actions
  • Experienced in music, art, and sports

Would you like to talk to someone about a gift? 

Jim Eppink, Principal, would love to hear from you. or 231-861-5450

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