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A NECS Graduate Profile

Dear New Era Christian School Students,

We believe in helping you grow into the person God is calling you to be. Below are lists of actions we believe will do that. Our school will give you opportunities in which to participate on your journey. How that looks for you will be unique from everyone else. May your time at NECS be just the beginning of a lifetime of growing in these actions for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Curious Thinker

creative & critical

Achieve personal academic ceiling in literacy, understanding of math concepts and writing.

Be self-driven
Curious Learner
Try new things


kind & helpful

Act as an agent of restoration. Work actively to heal brokeness and bring joy to individuals.

Communicate Confidently
Leadership Skills
Active Pursuer
Builder of Community


grateful & reflective

Worshipping God is about celebrating who God is, what God has done and is doing.

Engage in Healthy Debate
Give Testimony
Ask Questions
Celebrate Creation

Courageous Designer

resilient & rigorous

Bear the image of God in your daily live. See God’s fingerprint’s all over creation.

Respond to God’s Call
Create Beauty
Take Responsibility
Music, Art, and Sports


What does it mean to "grow students into the person God is calling them to be"?

At New Era Christian School, we believe that each student has a unique purpose and calling from God. Our mission is to help students grow academically, spiritually, and personally so that they can fulfill that calling and live a meaningful life.

How does New Era Christian School support academic growth in students?

We offer a rigorous academic program that challenges students to think critically, collaborate with others, and develop strong study habits. Our experienced teachers provide individualized attention and support to help each student reach their full potential.

How does New Era Christian School promote social and emotional growth in students?

We provide a safe and supportive environment where students can develop positive relationships with peers and adults. We also teach social and emotional skills such as communication, problem-solving, and empathy.

How does New Era Christian School foster spiritual growth in students?
We integrate biblical principles and Christian values into all aspects of our curriculum and school culture. We also provide opportunities for students to engage in prayer, worship, and service projects that help them develop a deeper relationship with God.

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